Collecting bottle caps changes lives of dozens of families in Kosovo
An UNMIK-supported initiative from the very beginning, the “Kosovo Cap” project has raised money to buy wheelchairs for the disabled.  Once the bottle caps are sold to a recycling company in Turkey, wheelchairs are subsequently donated to families with special needs across Kosovo.
To date, 50 wheelchairs were already distributed, but there are still more than 60 families waiting to be helped.
Besnik, a volunteer of the Kosovo Cap project, was so impressed by the efforts and wished to thank all UNMIK staff for their great support and contribution. In the past week, nine bags of bottle caps (weighing approximately 30kg) were collected from UNMIK headquarters.
Not only can this project help people with special needs but, collecting bottle caps also contributes to a cleaner environment!
So let’s continue supporting "Kosovo Cap" by storing bottle caps!
For more information on the "Kosovo Cap" project, visit:

UNMIK-DPI / Shpend Bërbatovci