UNMIK SRSG statement on the anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti
The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG) Mr. Lamberto Zannier expresses his solidarity with the people of Haiti and all those who suffered tragic losses a year ago.
On 12 January 2010, Haiti suffered a disaster of unparalleled magnitude.  The earthquake that day killed over two hundred thousand people; more than three hundred thousand were injured and a staggering 2.3 million – nearly one quarter of the population – was displaced.  The Government lost thousands of civil servants and much of its key infrastructure was destroyed.  One hundred and two United Nations colleagues perished and many more suffered terrible personal losses. The United Nations mourns those who perished in Haiti last year.
“We have gathered here to remember victims and express our solidarity with the people of Haiti and all those who suffered tragic losses of the devastating earthquake that struck Haiti exactly a year ago” the SRSG said.
“The United Nations mourns those who left us forever in Haiti last year, and shares the pain with the families who suffered unspeakable losses.  This includes colleagues who had previously served with UNMIK and who were known by many of us. We cannot – and should not – forget”, he added.
Following this tragedy of unprecedented scale, the world responded with much sympathy and assistance for the people of Haiti.  The UN and international response was one of the largest of its kind ever mounted and continues to this day to help survivors of this tragedy.
“Let us join the Secretary General and all our colleagues across the globe at this moment, as we commemorate this anniversary by observing 47 seconds of silence, which is how long it took to cause this disaster of unparalleled magnitude.” the SRSG concluded.
After the SRSG's intervention, UNMIK staff lit candles in memory of the victims under the UN flag.