ECA on Air with Afro-FM 105.3 in bid to reach broader audience

In recent months, a new hip and edgy sound has taken the Addis Ababa airwaves by storm. Afro-FM 105.3 is a primarily English radio station whose format blends entertainment with serious news and analysis on events around the globe. 


As part of its outreach strategy, the Information and Communication Service (ICS) of the Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) has embarked on a partnership with the station in an agreement aimed at carrying development-oriented content on four of its flagship programmes – Diplomatic Corner; (Live) Breakfast Show; Behind the Afro-Mike; and Business and Investment
“Addis Ababa has become Africa’s defacto diplomatic city, hosting the African Union and  several international organizations with diverse development interests", says Yinka Adeyemi, Officer-in-Charge, ECA Information and Communication Service.  “The ECA knowledge-for-development tag we use for sponsoring programmes and public service announcements is resonating positively with many of the station’s listeners,” he adds.
In line with media trends today, the pilot does not target a specific demographic or age-bracket. Afro-FM’s radio personalities and their fun, upbeat style resonate with Ethiopians of all ages, here and abroad; as well as the ever-increasing expatriate crowd.
“We have an ambitious plan to pilot similar partnerships with radio and TV stations around the continent that are looking for alternative content,” says Adeyemi.
Afro-FM 105.3 is also available online. With increased bandwidth, the station hopes to stream its live Breakfast Show online. Meanwhile, the show has also attracted a growing and dedicated fan base on facebook.
Author: Economic Commission for Africa/Information and communications Service