Keeping Mitrovica Rivers Clean ​

05 June 2015 - Mitrovica has a recurring problem - how to keep its rivers clean and how to prevent people from throwing rubbish in them again once they have been cleaned up.

This year, the Municipality of South Mitrovica, with the help of UNMIK,  KFOR and with the support of Kosovo Security Forces, the Regional Employment Office and the UN Environment Programme is running a project to clean up the city's four rivers, the Iber/Ibar, Sitnicë/Sitnica, Trepca and Lushnja/Ljusta.  At the same time there will be an awareness-raising campaign throughout the schools of South Mitrovica Municipality to encourage young people to play their part in protecting the environment.

The Department of Social Welfare and European Integration of Mitrovica South Municipality assisted in the recruitment of 45 men and women from different ethnic backgrounds for the project, which started in May and will run until the end of June.​