OSCE report calls for enhanced institutional response to illegal re-occupation of properties in Kosovo 

 PRISHTINË/PRIŠTINA, 19 February 2015 – Cases of illegal re-occupation of properties call for a determined response by Kosovo institutions to guarantee the full protection of the property rights of all communities in Kosovo, concludes an OSCE Mission report launched today.


The report reviews the response of Kosovo institutions to instances where property under the administration of the Kosovo Property Agency (KPA) and subject of an eviction order, has been subsequently re-occupied. Between 2008 and 2013, KPA referred 326 such cases to the prosecutors, a large majority of which involved property owned by members of the Kosovo Serb community.

The report finds a number of shortcomings, which put at risk the effectiveness of the institutions’ response to cases of illegal re-occupation. The KPA, Kosovo Police and prosecutors should improve their coordination in the enforcement of eviction orders; prosecutors must bring the appropriate charges against perpetrators; court procedures need to be concluded in a timely manner; and adequate punishments need to go hand in hand with compensation awards for the property owners.    

The continued presence of illegal occupation in Kosovo is concerning,” said Head of the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, Ambassador Jean-Claude Schlumberger.
“Efforts should be made to enforce evictions and stop the repetition of this offence in the future,” he added.
The full report with recommendations on how to address identified shortcomings can be assessed at



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