Thousands of skirts hung in Pristina Stadium pay tribute to the survivors of sexual violence

12 June 2015 – Pristina stadium has been transformed for one day into an art installation. Around 5,000 skirts and dresses, collected from all over Kosovo and beyond, are hanging on washing lines across the football pitch. The project, called Thinking of You, is supported by UN Women and was organized by Kosovo’s council for the survivors of sexual violence during the conflict.

 “This installation is dedicated to the survivors of sexual violence during the conflict. ‘Thinking of you’ means that we are all, each of us, thinking of them”, said the artist, Alketa Xhafa-Mripa. Born in Kosovo, now living in London, she wanted to raise awareness about and break the taboo around the issue of conflict-related sexual violence. “How come that after so many years they don't have the support and the recognition that they need from society?” wonders Alketa.


After this one-day exhibition, the artist plans to transform all the dresses and skirts into one statue, which would be permanently installed in the center of Pristina. “I want the survivors to have their own statue”, concludes the artist who already thinks of exporting the concept of her exhibition to other places affected by sexual violence.