Fighting for women’s property rights in Kosovo

10 February 2015 - Less than two out of five women own property in Kosovo. Laws offer equal inheritance rights to both men and women. But when the issue comes up in courts, women often waive their rights and give their share of family property to their male relatives.

Different local and international actors work to raise awareness about the importance of women’s property rights. The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) for instance is training representatives of Kosovo institutions and civil society.
Promoting gender equality and helping women to get equal access to economic resources is also very important to UNMIK, will tell us its deputy chief, Jennifer Brush. The full and equal exercise by women of their human rights, including their property rights, is essential to achieving a more peaceful, prosperous and democratic society.
Women's Property Rights in Kosovo: “Do not remain silent”
In January 2014, UN WOMEN in Kosovo financed and supported the production of the report and information leaflet which purpose is to provide women in Kosovo with information on their property rights. “The brochure explains the main procedural safeguards to enable women to identify the best possible approaches to realize their property rights, while emphasizing that the law enables them to be a driving force behind the actual implementation of the laws” Download brochure


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