Students from Mitrovica universities discuss live: their different ethnicities were the least of their problems

On Wednesday 10 February, university students from both the north and south of Mitrovicë/Mitrovica gathered to discuss the main issues they face as students and to share their hopes for the future. One of the main goals of this discussion was to get students from both parts of Mitrovicë/Mitrovica, studying in both Albanian and Serbian language universities, to talk to each other and hear each other out.



What was clear from the very beginning was that this group of bright and engaged young people were not here to dwell on their different ethnic backgrounds but to discuss important issues affecting not only their universities but also their communities.


Students from both universities expressed that they often faced the same challenges, ranging from a lack of updated books in their libraries to environmental issues such as the heavily polluted Ibër/Ibar River.


Another topic brought up by several of the young people was social media – they suggested that too many young people from their generation were wasting large amounts of time on social media, rather than going outside and engaging with their communities.


Finally all the students strongly agreed on one thing: to make positive changes in their communities, they need to take initiatives and act together.


This meeting was organized by TV Mitrovica and TV Mir, and supported by UNMIK.