UNMIK Chief visited Peja/Peć municipality
Pristina, 24 May 2016 - The Special Representative of the Secretary-General (SRSG), Zahir Tanin, and his Deputy, Christopher Coleman, today visited Peja/Peć municipality where they met with Mayor Gazmend Muhaxheri, Mr. Sabahudin Ciriković, Head of Municipal Office for Communities and Returns (MOCR) and Mr. Slobodan Petrović, head of sub- MOCR in Gorazhdec/Goraždevac.
SRSG seized the opportunity to acknowledge “the people’s decade’s long tradition of tolerance and respect” and was assured that the tradition will continue.
After the meeting with municipal representatives, SRSG and his team also visited the Peja/Peć Patriarchate and were hosted by Harantina, mother superior of the Patriarchate. A good level of communication was observed between the municipality and the patriarchate.


SRSG Zahir Tanin(right), DSRSG Christopher Coleman(right) accompanied by UNMIK team meeting with Mayor Gazmend Muhaxheri (left) and Peja/Peć Municipal representatives. 2016©UNMIK Poto by: Shpend Bërbatovci​ 

SRSG Zahir Tanin(left), Lilya Galieva, UNMIK Civil Affairs Officer (middle) being hosted by Harantina(right), mother superior of the Peja/Peć Patriarchate.
2016©UNMIK Poto by: Shpend Bërbatovci​
SRSG Zahir Tanin(R), DSRSG Christopher Coleman (L), walking the Peja/Peć Patriarchate. 2016©UNMIK Poto by: Shpend Bërbatovci​