On 18 January, medals, numerals and certificates were awarded to UNMIK Police officers by UNMIK SRSG Farid Zarif.

 “I would like to express my gratitude to all contributing countries for making it possible for UNMIK to carry out its duties. It is important to work as one team in the larger international community in Kosovo, to aspire to a democratic and stable environment,” said the SRSG.
“I am delighted to acknowledge the three officers receiving medals,” said Mr. Zarif before awarding the following with medal officers:
Joeri Van Nuffel
Miklos Pek
Dirk Pollmann
Officer Marijana Patrlj-Popovic, who was also a recipient of an accolade, offered her gratitude to the SRSG and attendees. “This is not only a medal reflecting length of service, but quality of service,” said Ms. Patrlj-Popovic. “I am deeply touched.”
Before the ceremony concluded, Ms. Patrlj-Popovic presented the SRSG with a plaque in appreciation for his support to the UNMIK Police Component.
Andrea Young - Photo: DPI / Shpend Bërbatovci