Gilles Brière
Chief of Mission Support
Mr. Gilles Brière initially trained and graduated in 1976 as a Technician in Instrumentation and Control from the General and Professional College Ahuntsic in Montreal. He further completed an Engineer Degree graduating in 1990 in the field of Engineering Management from the Royal Military College of Canada in Kingston, Ontario.
Before joining the United Nations in 1994, Mr. Brière completed 21 years of service in the Canadian Army. During his military career, Mr. Brière served in a wide variety of command, staff and operational appointments in Canada and overseas. His assignments included two tours of duty with the UN, firstly in Cyprus with UNFICYP from March to October 1983 and secondly in Cambodia with UNAMIC and UNTAC from December 2001 to August 2003 as a Logistic Operations Officer, Deputy Senior Logistic Officer and Deputy Commanding Officer of the Logistic Battalion.
Mr. Brière left the Canadian Army in August 1994 and immediately joined the United Nations. He initially deployed to UNOSOM in Somalia for a short period and then joined UNAMIR in Rwanda where he served until October 1996 as the Chief Contract Management Section. Mr. Brière was responsible for the management of all the major Mission contracts which comprised a LOGCAP contract for the provision of all logistical support to the Mission, rations, catering and PX Contracts. During this period, Mr. Brière spent the last six months in Nairobi, Kenya, where he was part of the Mission’s liquidation team. Afterwards, Mr. Brière joined UNAVEM III in Angola as Chief Contract Management Section until March 2000, where he managed the same contracts as in UNAMIR as well as a de-mining contract. Mr. Brière was then reassigned to Logistics Support Division in New York as a Desk Officer in Supply Section responsible for all supply matters of several Missions until September 2001. During this period he participated in several technical assessment and assistance missions to Angola, Sierra Leone, East Timor and DR Congo. In September 2001, Mr. Brière joined MONUC as Chief Contracts Management Section responsible for the Mission’s major logistical and support contracts until November 2003. Mr. Brière was then promoted to P5 and reassigned as Chief Supply Section, a post he held until July 2007. He was then promoted to D 1 and became Chief Integrated Support Services with direct responsibility for all the Mission’s technical support services. Mr. Brière was then assigned to MINURCAT in Chad on 13 March 2009 as the Deputy DMS assisting MINURCAT in the transition from EUFOR to a full fledge PKO Mission. Shortly after a terrible earthquake struck Haiti, Mr. Brière was then asked on 19 March 2010 to deploy as the Chief Mission Support (CMS) of MINUSTAH. On 19 July 2011, Mr. Brière was then reassigned in Abyei, Sudan, as the CMS of UNISFA to start up this new complex Mission. Mr. Brière has joined UNMIK on 24 May 2013 as the CMS of the Mission where he brings his wealth of experience.
Mr. Brière hobbies are stamp collecting, fishing and travelling to the most beautiful places in the world. Mr. Brière was also a paratrooper in the Military and he also enjoys sky-diving in the civilian. Mr. Brière is a Professional Engineer member of the Quebec Engineer Association. On 24 May 2003, Mr. Brière received one of the five prestigious awards given annually by the Canadian Counsel of Engineers representing all Engineers in Canada in reconnaissance for the excellent work he has accomplished in Logistic in support of Peacekeeping operations.