Radio Ophelia

Ophelia FM is a radio station managed by UNMIK’s Office of the Spokesperson and Public Information. It reaches around 73% of the territory and 80 % of the people of Kosovo. Radio Ophelia broadcasts in Albanian, Serbian and English. It can be heard in Pristina and Pejë/Peć at 107.2 FM, and in Mitrovica at 106.5 FM.

The Ophelia FM team creates and broadcasts original programming to highlight United Nations activities and messages in Kosovo. The themes of these programmes have ranged from women’s empowerment, domestic violence and homophobia, to the environment and refugee-related issues. In addition to its three primary languages, Ophelia FM programmes have been disseminated throughout the world in Spanish and Swahili by United Nations Radio, so that the experiences of Kosovo can be shared globally.

Ophelia FM also transmits daily news bulletins in partnership with Radio Free Europe and Deutsche Welle.

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 Ophelia FM Programmes