UNMIK donations in Mitrovice/Mitrovica and Prishtinë/ Pristina
UNMIK continues to donate equipment, this time to NGOs in Mitrovice/Mitrovica and Prishtinë/Priština to assist them in carrying out their work with communities in the regions.
On 29 May, in an effort to promote reconciliation and inter-ethnic cooperation, the Association of labor disabled persons from north Mitrovice/Mitrovica and south Mitrovice/Mitrovica’s Mundesia organisation received donations of used computer equipment from UNMIK.
Photo by: ©UNMIK-DPI/Shpend Bërbatovci
UNMIK Regional Representative in Mitrovice/Mitrovica Avadhesh Mathur greeted both NGOs at UNMIK Mitrovica Regional Office and praised the tremendous work of both organisations. “I would really like to wish you all the very best and in whatever way we can be of any help we will continue to extend it,” said Mr. Mathur.
“We’ve been visiting places like Prizren, Klokot, Fushe Kosove/Kosovo Polje, Kline/Klina, Prishtinë/ Priština, and Mitrovice/Mitrovica,” said UNMIK Political Affairs Officer Philippe Tissot. “Through this donation, we are here to thank you for your efforts on the ground. It’s a very symbolic way to encourage you to continue the validity of your work.”
Photo by: ©UNMIK-DPI/Shpend Bërbatovci
On 6 June, UNMIK visited Prishtinë/Priština-based Gender Training and Research Center (GTRC) to donate IT equipment. GTRC has been supporting and protecting women’s rights by promoting active participation of women in politics since 2000. In an effort to encourage gender equality, GTRC also conducts trainings that emphasize capacity building for NGOs, public institutions, youth groups, teachers, public servants, political parties,media, etc.
Story by: UNMIK-DPI/Andrea Young