Sports: a tool for reconciliation



International Day of Sport for Development and Peace is an opportunity to recognize that sports can foster peace and contribute to an atmosphere of tolerance and understanding. Sports can often be a tool for reconciliation among the younger generations, after a conflict, and Kosovo is no exception. Radio Ophelia met with a promising tennis player: Meldin Mustafi, 16, and his tennis partner, Durim Morina. Both are from Prizren.


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I have been playing tennis for 8 years. As a child I used to play with plastic rackets. I watched tennis on TV, and later visited a trainer. I loved it and here I am today, still enjoying it. 


Meldin is not only enjoying himself but is one of the best tennis players in Kosovo today.



There is no difference between me, Albanians, Turks, and Serbs. We play together, we enjoy ourselves. I would like to also send regards to my all friends from Gracanica, Pristina, Prizren and everywhere.




The day we met him, Meldin was in Prizren, playing with his partner Durim Morina. Their common passion is tennis.




We communicate in Albanian and we understand each other perfectly well. We have no problems. We are all equal in the eyes of God and it doesn’t matter what language we speak. We share the same passion for tennis.




Outside of the tennis field, Meldin and Durim are also friends and go for coffee together. For Shkelzen Domi, the President of the Kosovo Tennis Federation, they are a perfect example of how sports can promote reconciliation.


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The message of Tennis federation that I always convey in my speech at the opening of tournaments is our first task to create good people, after that we try to create quality tennis players