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  • 05/05/15 - In April 2015, during its 82nd session, the Panel adopted six (6) opinions on the merits concerning nine (9) complaints: nos 13/09, 93/09, 267/09 and 302/09, S.C., V.F., M.O. and O.L.; no. 244/09, Šaranović; no. 270/09, Vuksanović; no. 275/09, Bulatović; no. 293/09, Jovanović, Patrnogić, Jovanović and Lučin; and no. 333/09, Maslar. These documents will be displayed on this web page in a... (read more)
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Regulation No. 2006/12 of 23 March 2006 on the Establishment of the Human Rights Advisory Panel, amended by Regulation No. 2007/3 of 12 January 2007

Administrative Direction No. 2009/1 of 17 October 2009 Implementing UNMIK Regulation No. 2006/12 on the Establishment of the Human Rights Advisory Panel

Rules of Procedure (co-ordinated version of 12 February 2010)