12 November 1999



The Special Representative of the Secretary-General, Pursuant to the authority given to him under United Nations Security Council Resolution 1244 (1999) of 10 June 1999, Taking into account United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Regulation No. 1999/1 of 25 July 1999 on the Authority of the Interim Administration in Kosovo, For the purpose of prohibiting casino-type gambling in Kosovo, Hereby promulgates the following:

Section 1


For the purpose of the present regulation:

"Casino-type gambling" means a game or activity involving chance, traditionally conducted at a casino, in which money or other items of value are transferred based on the outcome of the game or activity. Casino-type gambling includes, but is not limited to, roulette, craps, poker, slot machines, blackjack, keno and electronic, mechanical, or video machines offering such games.

"Casino" means any natural or legal person that undertakes or otherwise facilitates casino-type gambling.

"Gambling device" means a device used or adapted or designed to be used for gambling and includes, but is not limited to, roulette wheels, keno layouts and slot machines.

Section 2


Casino-type gambling as well as the establishment and operation of casinos is prohibited in Kosovo.

Section 3

Closure and Seizure

The relevant law enforcement authorities shall be authorized to terminate allcasino-type gambling, to close the casinos and to seize gambling devices as well as other assets and moveable property involved in the game or activity.

3.2 The Public prosecutor shall seek an order from the appropriate District Court for the forfeiture of assets seized.

Section 4


The Special Representative of the Secretary-General may give administrative directions and orders in connection with the implementation of the present regulation.

Section 5

Applicable Law

The present regulation shall supersede any provision in the applicable law relating to casino-type gambling which is inconsistent with it.

Section 6

Entry into Force

The present regulation shall enter into force on 16 November 1999.

Bernard Kouchner

Special Representative of the Secretary-General