29 March 2000



The Special Representative of the Secretary-General,

Pursuant to the authority given to him under United Nations Security Council resolution 1244 (1999) of 10 June 1999,

Taking into account United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Regulation No. 1999/1 of 25 July 1999, as amended, on the Authority of the Interim Administration in Kosovo and UNMIK Regulation No. 2000/1 of 14 January 2000 on the Kosovo Joint Interim Administrative Structure,

For the purpose of facilitating the ability of persons in Kosovo to travel outside Kosovo,

Hereby promulgates the following:

Section 1
Travel Documents

1.1 Persons registered in the Central Civil Registry having the status of habitual residents may apply to the Central Civil Registry for a travel document.
1.2 The travel document does not confer nationality upon its holder, nor does it affect in any way the holder's nationality.

1.3 The travel document does not guarantee its holder admission to other States. Such admission may be subject to the visa requirements prescribed by the competent authorities of the other States.

1.4 The application for a travel document shall be in writing and must be accompanied by the appropriate fee, in a manner to be announced by the Civil Registrar.

Section 2
Refusal and Reconsideration

2.1 The Civil Registrar may refuse to issue a travel document to a person registered in the Central Civil Registry having the status of an habitual resident only in compelling circumstances. In this event, the Civil Registrar must give the applicant written reasons for the refusal.

2.2 For the purposes of this section, compelling circumstances may include, but are not limited to, the following:

(a) Pending criminal charges against the applicant, involving a possible penalty of imprisonment upon conviction;

(b) A restraining order issued in respect of the applicant by a court of competent jurisdiction.

2.3 An applicant who has been refused a travel document may request in writing that the Civil Registrar reconsider the refusal decision.

2.4 If the reconsideration request is unsuccessful, the applicant may appeal to the Registration Appeals Commission of the Central Civil Registry for a review of the Civil Registrar's decision. The Registration Appeals Commission shall consider the appeal and, if the appeal is successful, may direct the Civil Registrar to issue the travel document. The decision of the Registration Appeals Commission shall be final and shall be implemented by the Civil Registrar.

Section 3
Validity of Travel Documents

3.1 Travel documents shall remain valid for a period of up to 24 months from the date of issue.

3.2 Travel documents may be extended or renewed.

Section 4

The Special Representative of the Secretary-General may issue administrative directions in connection with the implementation of the present regulation.

Section 5
Applicable Law

The present regulation shall supersede any provisions in the applicable law which is inconsistent with it.

Section 6
Entry into Force

The present regulation shall enter into force on 29 March 2000.

Bernard Kouchner
Special Representative of the Secretary-General