10 November 2000






The Special Representative of the Secretary-General,


Pursuant to the authority given to him under Chapter 11 of United Nations Interim Administration Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) Regulation No. 2000/45 of 11 August 2000 on Self-Government of Municipalities in Kosovo,


Taking into account section 47.6 of UNMIK Regulation No. 2000/45,


For the purpose of establishing procedures for consultation, publicity and approval of the Statute and Rules of Procedure by Municipal Assemblies,


Hereby issues the following Administrative Direction:



Section 1

Procedures for Adoption of Statute and Rules of Procedure


1.1       The Statute and the Rules of Procedure adopted by each Municipal Assembly pursuant to sections 11.1 and 11.2 of UNMIK Regulation No. 2000/45 (hereinafter “the Regulation”), shall be in conformity with the models issued from time to time by the Central Authority referred to in the Regulation.


1.2       Each Municipal Assembly shall carry out consultations before the adoption of its Statute and Rules of Procedure. Such consultations shall include ascertaining the views of members of the public for the purpose of ensuring that the needs of all inhabitants in the municipality may be adequately addressed. To this end, drafts of the proposed Statute and Rules of Procedure shall be placed at the Community Office and sub-offices of the Community Office, if any, for inspection by the public.


1.3            Members of the public shall be allowed not less than fourteen (14) days from the day the draft documents are placed at the relevant offices, to inspect the documents and to make written representations to the Municipal Assembly. The Municipal Assembly shall take written representations received into account before adopting the Statute and the Rules of Procedure.


1.4       Each Municipal Assembly shall make arrangements for publicity to be given to the consultation process. In this context, the Municipal Assembly shall issue a public notice regarding the intention to adopt a Statute and Rules of Procedure. Such notice shall state the place and time at which the documents may be inspected by members of the public.


1.5       Each Municipal Assembly shall adopt its Statute and Rules of Procedure in accordance with section 11.1 of the Regulation.



Section 2

Transitional Provisions


Pending the adoption by the Municipal Assembly of its Statute and Rules of Procedure, the model Statute and Rules of Procedure issued by the Central Authority, as revised from time to time, shall apply provisionally.



Section 3

Entry into Force


The present Administrative Direction shall enter into force on 10 November 2000.




Bernard Kouchner

Special Representative of the Secretary-General