Living conditions
Welcome to Kosovo
Kosovo is a non-family duty station. Located in the Balkans mountain range of South Eastern Europe, the climate is continental, with warm summers and cold, snowy winters.
Houses/Apartments are easily available and generally have electricity and running water, although this may not be 24hrs. Costs are reasonable, but vary according to location, i.e. city centre or outlying villages. Upon arrival, you will reside in a hotel or apartment until you get permanent housing. The UNV Support Office can assist in helping you identify suitable housing.
There is not any specific health problems associated with Kosovo, and no vaccines are required prior to arrival. UNMIK provides a clinic for its staff, should anyone fall ill.
Foods and dietary needs of all kinds are provided for in the many supermarkets. There are marketplaces that cater in fruits and vegetables, and bakeries offer some exquisite pastries and breads. Fresh fish and meats are also easily available.